I have come to be known (thanks to Mike) as The Destroyer, Deleter, and Departer. While this may seem like a far cry from the days when I used to get out of chores at home by claiming, “I’m the weakest!”, they are actually quite fitting.

I think that I am called “The Destroyer” and “The Deleter” for the same reasons: I like to delete and dispose of things (I guess I could also be called “The Disposer”). When I take a bad picture, I don’t wait to look at it on the computer, I delete it right away. When there seem to be too many files in a given folder on my computer or in my email, I’ll delete some. It’s strange, but I like putting items in the garbage can or recycle bin. Basically, I like getting unneeded items off of my computer, camera, out of the house, etc. While most people dread cleaning out that one room that’s full items you didn’t know where to put, it is a fun challenge for me. I’m actually looking forward to cleaning the rest of the almost scarily cluttered rooms at the Compound. My goal is to get to the last three, and most difficult, rooms done this summer (with the help of Mike, Ross, and whoever else wants to join in on the fun).

Another legendary Destroyer moment was when I destroyed a bee … with my head.

“The Departer” sounds like a pretty frickin’ sweet super hero name to me. How I got the name? Not quite as frickin’ sweet. When I’m out, and have finished my activity (usually dancing) for the evening, I want to leave. No dilly dallying here. There are times when this is not the case, but usually I want to get home, have time to get a few things done, and go to bed. This seems strange even to me sometimes, given that I consider myself a night owl and have no problem staying up at late night parties (frankly, I couldn’t live here if I had a problem with that).

So don’t be offended if I leave a dance or party “on time” or even early, It’s not because I don’t like you, it’s because I’m The Departer.

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3 Responses to Destroy, Delete, Depart: I Do It All.

  1. Chris says:

    I took this “strengths” quiz as part of the orientation process on my last coop (and the place I’m going to start working at in July) and one of my strengths was “collector.” Apparently I like to collect random bits of information and resist throwing things away. My inbox could certainly use some destroying I have 10,000 messages!

  2. michael faltesek says:

    are you sure you are a lindy hopper? leaving some place in a timely manner directly violates article 23 paragraph 7 of the Lindy Hopper Union handbook. i may have to report you.

  3. Alex says:

    Can you take some of the rest of them with you when you go? That way I don’t have to shoo them all out so that we can clean up and get out before we violate the rental agreement.

    Damned article 23!

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