I always knew I could bake a mean batch of cookies, but since I’ve moved away from home I’ve discovered I can bake a lot more than that. Maybe I somehow inherited this skill from my younger sister (don’t ask me how I can inherit something from a younger sibling), Ellie, who is majoring in baking at SCCC. Now I just need to work on inheriting the ability to make a delicious homemade pizza crust from my older sister, Nikki, and gluten-free delights from my oldest sister, Yvonne.

So far, my quintessential recipes include: crepes, blueberry cream cheese coffee cake, and honey-glazed corn bread.

A pretty delicious recipe

Double Chocolate Cookies

I’m trying to add double chocolate cookies to this list, but I am still in the process of perfecting the recipe. The last batch I made (pictured) was very good, but very dense. I want to try to make them a bit more gooey and chewy. I usually like it when the cookies flatten while baking, but this recipe didn’t do that. As you can see, I played around with the shape of them a bit. Most people preferred the nearest cookie in the picture because it appeared to contain more chunkers.

After I perfect this recipe, I’m going to start playing around with spices. Ultimately, I want to have a good Mexican chocolate cookie recipe. Delicious. I will invite you all over when this has been accomplished.

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