I am sitting in my family room one evening at our kid-size wooden table. Tonight, my oldest sister Yvonne is in charge of making dinner. Since she does not usually cook, our meal turned out a little less than appetizing. However, I manage to force down a few bites of the dry, burnt hamburger sitting in front of me because I know that soon after we are leaving to visit my Mom and new baby sister.

Later that night we are at the hospital and I am required to put on a green, papery dressing gown and cap. Can I hold her now? I have overcome some pretty intense obstacles tonight for being two-years and nine-months old, so I think I deserve it.

Finally, I am now holding my sister Ellie. My Mom looks happy.

This is my earliest memory of childhood. For a long time I thought it was Yvonne’s birthday party when I was about five, but then this one came back to me rather vividly. Most people I have spoken to remember a memory in great detail from age four or five, but nothing younger. Anybody else have an earlier than usual first memory like me? Also, when you do think back to this memory, try to figure out if you are actually recalling a memory, or if you only remember it because there is a picture and/or video of the moment. Memories can be tricky like that.

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2 Responses to My First Memory

  1. littlelisa says:

    My first memory is from when I was two. My family was moving to a new house (in the same city) and I have a few vivid memories from it. The first is of standing outside my old house and watching my parents go off with the moving van and thinking they left us behind. I don’t remember my grandmother there, but apparently she was.

    Later that day, I remember quite clearly going into the house and up to the biggest bedroom and trying to claim it as mine. When that didn’t work, I went to the next biggest and tried again, but that one got given to my younger sister.

    Then later on, I remember chasing her around the kitchen. I ran faster cause I was older and since we were running in a loop I kept coming up behind her and not understanding why I was behind her, pushing her out of the way and continuing. And on and on. This last bit is the only part that could have been remembered through stories… but I even if it was I remember it fairly visually and can remember the frustration pretty clearly.

    I was a real little darling, eh? I do actually remember this cause there are no videos or pictures, and I remember later telling my parents about the memory and them being surprised that I remembered. I actually remember it visually pretty clearly. I can still see my parents’ room without the furniture in it yet and being disappointed it wouldn’t be my room.

  2. Alex says:

    I can remember my mom putting Empire Strikes Back wallpaper up in my bedroom. Assuming it was shortly after Empire came out (summer 1980) that would make me 3ish at the time. I might have gotten the wallpaper later on though, but I know I was no more than five since we moved out of that house in 1983.

    I also remember eating dog food out of the bowl in that same house, as well as a few Mom/Dad/me moments that I *think* were before my sister was born, which would make me four or under.

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