I recently heard Adam Frank speak at TEDxRochester. I was very intrigued by his new outlook on the science vs. religion debate. Therefore, when I saw that he was slotted for an interview in an upcoming issue of Reporter magazine, I jumped at the chance to speak with him.

The article was supposed to be 600 words but by the time I had finished writing it was over 800. I could have written 1000 words had I been given the opportunity. He had so many interesting and new points of view that I felt were important for RIT students to know. Thankfully, the editors at Reporter allowed the word count change.

A week after I performed the interview with Frank I noticed that he had signed up for Groove Juice Swing’s upcoming swing basics class. I would love the opportunity to be able to share some of my knowledge with him after he shared so much with me, but unfortunately I’m not teaching this session. Maybe I’ll be able to slip in as a sub one week.

Read it here!


And check out his new book, “The Constant Fire.”

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