Club flier designed by Adrian Yablin

This is my second post in a series about the winter quarter of the RIT Swing Dance Club. I hope you are enjoying it!

Last Thursday was our second club meeting. Since we haven’t done any additional advertising, there was only one new student. The task of printing and handing in fliers to the campus center was the responsibility of one of the e-board members and unfortunately I don’t know where it stands at the moment. I hope it has been done but I don’t see any fliers around campus. This will certainly be dealt with during our e-board meeting tomorrow afternoon. If it hasn’t been done already it will be done upon return from winter break. At that point we will also begin advertising for our live band dance in January.

The number of students at a club meeting never influences my teaching. If students show up I will provide a good lesson. These students are showing passion and dedication by attending and they deserve the same from me. Therefore, we had a great class last week. Back to the regular format of a beginner lesson during the first hour and intermediate material during the second, Colin and I began with reviewing basic 6-count steps. After that we introduced 30s charleston. I have recently changed the way I teach the basic charleston step and it works very well. The method begins with only steps and touch-steps and then I slowly add in the kicks.

For the intermediate lesson Colin and I prepared some tandem charleston variations. Since many of the students did not know tandem we only got through teaching that and one of the variations. The one we taught began in tandem, then the leader twists the follower on five, six, seven, and spins her to face-to-face position on eight. The students had it pretty well by the end of the lesson. I’m looking forward to teaching the other variation this week.

One thing I have learned from being a member of Groove Juice Swing is that it helps to have weekly meetings to discuss classes and events. The RIT Swing Dance Club e-board now does this and it is extremely helpful. We also just started to track all of our notes from the meeting on a google site. This is much better than searching through an inbox to find when somebody mentioned whether or not we have a room reserved. The site also features a “To-Do” page which makes it easy to assign and keep track of tasks for each member.

To wrap things up, plans are coming together for our live band dance in January. I have started advertising to nearby colleges in hopes of students from other swing clubs attending. We have also secured some of our raffle prizes:

  • One all-in pass to Stompology 2010
  • Two pairs of Aris Allen dance shoes from
  • Two RIT Swing Dance Club t-shirts (designed by Adrian Yablin)
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