We held one last swing club meeting Thursday before most students headed home for the holidays. When students return we will have seven more weeks of club left and only a few weeks to get them ready for the live band dance on January 16.

We had about six new students show up this week and overall attendance was good. I didn’t expect as many people this week since club membership fees were due. I think this is a good sign.

During the first hour, the beginner lesson, Colin and I reviewed charleston and began teaching Lindy Hop. I took it very slow since the students had only been dancing for two weeks and some were swing dancing for the first time. They were troopers. The students seemed to be having fun and we managed to get through a full basic step by the end of class. I imagine that many people will forget this over break but I encouraged them to watch videos on YouTube and to go out social dancing in their hometown.

For the second hour, the intermediate lesson, we reviewed tandem charleston and taught our second variation. It begins in tandem and turns to the right on three. The leader then leads a prep down on four in order to do a heel click on six, landing on “and seven.” It took a while for the students to get the heel click but they looked good by the end of class. Colin is much better at this move than I am so I had him teach it. When we execute the move partnered I do just fine because Colin can give me an extra boost.

I haven’t mentioned this in series yet, but my sister Ellie runs the RPI Swing Club. Her last post was about the club and how much she will miss them once she moves to Rochester. I used to teach at this club with her before moving to Rochester and I am proud of what she has done with the club since that time. One of her students e-mailed me recently and said he was excited about my blog series as he will soon be the new president of the RPI Swing Club. I will try hard to make this series helpful to him, the RPI Swing club and any other person starting up a college club.

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  1. Ellie says:

    I’d like to see this heel click tandem variation. Ever thought about doing an RIT recap video?

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