Just realized that I haven’t posted any of my recently published articles. Here are my latest that I wrote for Reporter magazine:

1. Winter Exhaust

It was a bit difficult to make a story about winter car care interesting and entertaining but I sure did try. I think readers will like it because it’s useful and offers easy and cheap tips to take care of your car. I certainly changed some of my car maintenance habits after speaking with these mechanics.

2. The Psychology of Michael Scott

I was given only a few days notice to write this article and it turned out completely different from what the editor and I originally planned. It was supposed to be more like a case report diagnosing Michael with psychological disorders. However, the clinical psychologist I interviewed convinced me that this was not the best idea. First, case reports are dry and boring. Second, it would be hard for me to write from a psychologist’s perspective. Third, Michael does not necessarily have any psychological disorders. With more time this could have been a better article but I hope it offers readers a few laughs.

3. Recipe Review: Skillet Baked Apple Pancake

First recipe review for Reporter. It was fun to have an excuse to make something delicious. I don’t bake much anymore now that my sister Ellie (the professional baker) is living with me for a bit, which is more than fine, but I liked dipping back into the baking world for one night.

In other journalism news, I am involved a new project at school called, “The Docking Station.” It’s an online magazine for the department of communication that I am heading along with my professor Andrea Hickerson. In addition to writing articles I will also be an editor and possibly a photographer when I have more experience. I am taking photography this spring and super excited! Speaking of spring, it is gearing up to be a busy quarter. Looks like great classes and a not so great schedule.

Also, looking for a co-op this summer! I’m in contact with a few people right now but I’ll take any leads you’ve got in local publications.

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