Another quarter of the RIT Swing Dance Club is complete. I feel a sense of accomplishment but also disappointment. Accomplishment because we got through another quarter without any big problems, put on an amazing live band dance and got new people excited about and good at dancing. Disappointment because I feel that if I could have put  more time and effort in it could have been even better. The quarter flew by so fast and there was much that I wish I could have done.

However, my main goal with the club is just what we did, get people excited about dancing. If by the end of the quarter we have produced one committed lindy hopper and member of our dance scene, I am ultimately happy. Even if they do not become part of the Rochester scene and instead a member of the dance scene in their home town, I am just as pleased.

Week ten of swing dance club is always (at least since I have been around and a bit before) a social dance. Not many people show up as they are preparing for finals, but for those that do it is a chance to relax and socialize instead of worrying about a new step.

I would like to do more of this next quarter and am already taking steps in this direction. Using a different room with a divider will allow the two lessons to happen simultaneously for the first hour and opens up the second hour. Some weeks this will be social dancing and other weeks it will be an all-level class like the Big Apple, Shim Sham or solo movement.

Also, there will be more opportunities to socialize and get to know people outside of just dancing. The eboard wants to put together some activities like a movie and pizza night where we can relax, chat and bond. I think it will help with retention and overall fun atmosphere of the club.

So much more could be written but with the quarter coming to a close I have a lot on my plate right now. I hope to have time to continue this series next quarter, just maybe not as regularly. Please give me feedback! What did you like about this blog series and how can I make it better for you?

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2 Responses to RIT Swing Dance Club: Week 10

  1. Becca G says:

    I like the idea of a get-together/movie night! One of the main things that bugs me about most types of classes (not even just dance classes) is that there isn’t enough opportunity to meet other people. Most of my really good friends from RIT/Rochester are people I’ve met through dance, and I think there’s great potential to meet some truly excellent people in the dance community by hosting a get-together when club members can chill. :-)

  2. Laurel says:

    I have definitely noticed the RIT club people who have become members of the community this quarter, and it’s so awesome! Way to go Jesse and RIT swing club! :)

    If you teach the big apple, can you let me know what week it is?

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