Whew, it’s been a while! In short, I’ve been on co-op at Rochester City Newspaper for the summer and went back a few weeks ago for the fall quarter too. It’s been great! I write and do photography for them and have already seen my name in print several times.

Other than that I’ve certainly been dancing more. I went to Southern Belle Swing Bash in Atlanta and took second place in both Solo Charleston and the Jack and Jill. After that I attended the International Lindy Hop Championships and with a confidence boost from Southern Belle I entered the Solo Charleston competition. I made it pretty far, maybe 10th place (unofficially) out of about 30 people.

I spent a lot of time working on my solo dancing this summer, either with my sister Ellie or just while I was out social dancing. I definitely set a goal of making the finals at Southern Belle and am so glad that I set this goal, I really needed a push in my dancing.

Two weekends ago I taught at Rhythm Shuffle in Buffalo, my first out-of-town workshop with my dance partner and boyfriend Mike Thibault. Our classes were “A Three-Minute Love Affair” (Song Structuring), “Frankie’s Favorites,” “Jazz Up Your Lindy Hop,” and “Let Your Soul Shout” (dancing to soul music). My personal highlight was seeing our whole class doing a soul train and having a blast!

I also decided to step down as president of the RIT Swing Dance Club during my senior year. Now there are two totally capable co-presidents in charge and I look forward to seeing what they do with the club.

This fall I am taking two classes at RIT, Film Language and History of the Documentary. They are both pretty interesting so far, just watching tons of classic movies and then talking/writing about them. It’s cool that I get to take film classes as a journalism major, especially at RIT where the film teachers are really great.

OK, so now that the post-summer update is out of the way, I can get into the meat of things!… in my next blog post. :)

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