It’s Floweruary, and I’ve been pretty good so far, wearing a hair flower each day so far this month except for yesterday. I’m confident I can stick it out and continue to put in enough effort to look cute enough to post a picture of myself every day.
What helped me a lot with this mission was making my own flowers, along with some of my girly friends.
It’s affordable, fun, and easy. We even taught a boy how to make one.
Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it. Starting with supplies, then linking to the tutorials we used, and finally telling you what the tutorials left out.


  • Lightweight, silky fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spools of wired ribbon
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads/buttons for centers
  • Scissors
  • Tea lights
  • Bobby pins, alligator clips, or other barrettes.
  • Felt or other sturdy fabric to attach flower to hair accessory.


We used this tutorial to make the large ribbon flowers, and this tutorial to make the layered silky ones. Some of the smaller flowers we purchased and glued to bobby pins.


  • For the large flowers, I used four yards of ribbon for the yellow and purple ones, and two yards for the plaid.
  • I cut the spool of ribbon into four sections so that it was easier to work with. Be sure to burn the edges of the ribbon so it doesn’t fray.
  • When pulling out the wire, be sure to pull from each end of the ribbon so that you don’t accidentally pull the wire inside of the ribbon and can’t get it back out.  Also, tie a little bit of wire around each end when you are done scrunching so that it doesn’t go inside the ribbon while you are making the flower.
  • After creating the center of the flower, the tutorial says to “start wrapping the ribbon around,” but that won’t work. You have to continue making folds as you wrap to make it look interesting. It doesn’t have to be a consistent pattern, but keep the end result in mind.
  • For the silky flowers, be careful when burning the edges. You can easily end up with burn marks on the fabric or a completely shriveled or flower by placing it too close to the flame. It’s surprising how far back you can hold it and still burn up the edges slightly.
  • For the centers of the flowers we used a couple of very small beads, vintage buttons, or simply colored thread. Red thread makes a good center on a white flower or yellow thread on a darker flower.

That’s my advice! It took me about an hour to make a large flower and maybe 30 minutes to make a smaller silk one. I’m excited to hear how other ladies are crafting for Floweruary!

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