During my lifetime I have crafted a mental list of items that I must obtain at some time or another. They are all very feminine things that I feel my life would just be incomplete without.

These items float in and out of my mind, especially when I’m antiquing or vintage shopping, and I’m finally putting them into a concrete list.

I’m sure this list will grow, and some items I actually already own, but making this list now will help push me to complete this goal and maybe even inspire you to make your own.

Folding Screen

I dream of getting dressed behind one while a man lingers on the other side. I’ll hang my beautiful gown and underthings over it (read below). It will be wooden and have an intricate design laced across the front.


I will sit on the vanity stool brushing out my pin curls, and then apply my bright red lipstick. Last summer my wonderful boyfriend Mike Thibault surprised me by purchasing a vintage vanity on his way home from Swing Out New Hampshire. It needs a little bit of work to securely attach the mirror, but it is gorgeous. I also need to find a little wooden stool for it. Here is my friend Laurel testing it out at the store:

Silk Robe

This will be for lazy summer mornings or evenings. It fits loosely with a tie belt and the hem hits mid-thigh. The pattern is floral, probably with a lot of red.

Vintage slip

I found this on Etsy two summers ago. It’s a pale yellow and perfect for summer nights. I used it to dress as damsel in distress Fay Wray in our 2009 Lindy Compound Christmas Card.

Birdcage Hat

I’m thinking a black pillbox hat with a short birdcage net. I’ll wear it with a perfectly form fitting little black dress, black pumps and clutch, and seamed stockings.

Emerald Green Gown

I will descend a grand staircase and drink lots of champagne while wearing this gorgeous gown. I’m almost positive that a replica of the dress Keira Knightly wore in the movie Atonement will do the trick. I’ve found people offering this on Etsy for $250-$300. Now I just need an occasion.

My only rule is that I will not purchase the item unless it is exactly what I have been dreaming about. No compromises here.

Hmm… anybody else getting an urge to go thrifting?

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5 Responses to My Life Wish List

  1. Nancy says:

    I dream of all of these things too.

    Especially the gown and folding screen. Sigh. I also dream of a man fussing to get ready for me before I come over. Checking the booze, setting the scene and dancing with himself.

  2. John Holmstrom says:

    I like the folding screen in particular. If you find you need a lingering man, I would be happy to oblige. Also, I think Laura Keat has a green dress like that, it looks stunning. Good luck!

  3. Breanna says:

    We are totally twinsies, because these are all on my list too, albeit with slightly different details. I’ve already got the short robe, but it’s black, which is not ideal. Mine would be cream colored with a red and green floral pattern on it, I think.

  4. Joanna says:

    I’m dying to have a proper little vanity all my own. It must be white though. *sigh* Can’t wait to have a house of my own that I can turn into a vintage paradise :)

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