This is an update to my original life wish list. These are things I often find myself lusting over and dreaming about. Luckily I’ve already found several of them! Would be curious to see other people’s lists.


With my top hat, white tie, and tails… I’m dreaming of a full tuxedo fitted exactly to me. I didn’t realize how much I needed one until I saw this shot of Sharon Davis. I’ll choreograph a solo Charleston (and tap, if I’m dreaming here) piece to perform all suited up. Something about a woman who can pull off a tuxedo is so sexy.

Sharon Davis

I emailed Lindy Shopper asking for advice on where to purchase one, and she recently got back to me suggesting this store in North Carolina. A full tuxedo with all the trimmings for $100? I’ll even have some money left over for the tailoring. Unfortunately they were closed during my last visit over New Year’s for Lindy Focus. However, I am a determined woman, and I will return.


A little spritz here, a little spritz there, it’s what you see all the old-timey Hollywood actresses using. When did perfume bottles lose their charm? You should need two hands to apply your signature scent (more on this later). My sister Ellie found one while thrifting and purchased it for me. It only took two years to figure out how to open it, which meant two years of spritzing air at myself.

My vintage atomizer

Picnic Basket

Picnicing is a big part of my life, and I hope it is a big part of yours, too. Throughout my childhood we would picnic at the beach in Ogunquit, ME, in the backseat of our station wagon at the airport (we loved watching the planes take off), and at the canal near my father’s work (he would meet us there for lunch).

Thrifted Picnic Basket

Now in my adult life, I still love a good picnic. A few years ago I came across this beauty at an estate sale hosted at the George Eastman House. I snagged it for just $7.00 and have used it many times since. Camping out under the shade of a tree on the hottest day of summer to listen to the Boilermaker Jazz Band, eating sandwiches while looking out at the falls at Letchworth Park, or bringing some cheese and wine to a showing of The Artist at the Highland Bowl, my handy picnic basket is there for me.

Signature Scent

You need something to fill your atomizer with! I purchased my first real bottle of perfume about a year ago. It’s floral, with pink peppercorns, Darjeeling tea, grapefruit, wisteria , Alba roses, amber wood, and cashmere musk. I love how natural of a scent it is and that I can still smell it on my scarf the next day.

I also have a small rollerball of Stella McCartney that I keep in my purse. It has similar notes of rose, peony flower, mandarin, rose absolute and amber.

Maybe not everyone is into perfume? They must have had a bad experience. All I know is that scents have a strong correlation to memories, and I want to be memorable.

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3 Responses to Update to My Life Wish List

  1. Irina says:

    Yes! Perfumes all the way!
    I sometimes use Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert Extreme from Bulgari. It’s very spring like and light.
    What I’m very curious to try and what I think you might love is Mitsouko by Guerlain: Just look at that bottle!

  2. Doug Keyes says:

    Great little list! Thanks for sharing. It’s the little thing in life that “pluses” it for me. You comments about scent are right for me and I remember almost every woman I’ve ever dated and the scent she wore. Some make me turn my head to see if it’s her when I smell them today.
    I was recently in Old Town Pasadena and with a few extra minutes I wandered into a perfume store and asked about scents for men. I learned a little more and I have always believed that woman can smell way better than men. My last girlfriend absolutely could.
    When we first met it was SONH and hot! Some of us smelt better than others, you had a lovely scent and demeanor to go with that. I appreciated both especially as a beginner in the Bluebirds!
    As for the Tux, I bought my first one about four years ago, I went to the Presidential Inaugural Ball and Inauguration. It was a blast and I have used it twice since (a wedding and New Years Eve (Santa Swing here in Santa Barbara)). I love it and it’s super sexy on a woman! I danced with one on NYE and several people commented on how hot she was……lol
    Finally, the classic picnic basket, always a good time and I enjoyed one in the part just last week with my dance partner, Karen Little inbetween dance class and an open dance. It was lovely (unfortunately I don’t have a picnic basket but I have just the right size soft cooler with a shoulder strap).
    I would also love to own, a Hawker Jet ($11 Million), a 45′ Hinkley ($2 Million) Sailboat, and a Maserati (Priceless)! I’ve always said if you’re going to dream, dream big! Oh yeah new dance shoes would be great too!
    Doug Keyes

  3. Shorty McShort Goat says:

    “I love scent related memories.” – girls night

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